A Vatelien in the Capital of the United States

A Vatelien in the Capital of the United States? That’s right. Hichem Aloulou, a 2011 alumnus, is now the C.F.O. of the Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington D.C. Hey, what did you expect?

A Vatelien in the Capital of the United States

“I was born in Tunisia, and my parents always sent me to French-speaking schools so I would be completely fluent in French, as well as my native language, Arabic. I graduated from high school in Toulouse. While I was a student there, I realized that traveling and tourism were much more than just a hobby for me.

As I decided that I wanted to work in hospitality management, I enrolled in the Toulouse Tourism Institute for my bachelor’s degree. When I graduated, my father asked me to go back to Tunisia to help him in his job, but I didn’t feel that I was ready, and the only way I could convince him of it was to continue my studies. That’s how I decided to attend Vatel Tunis, where I graduated from in 2011 after several professional experiences:

  • In Accommodations and Housekeeping, Reception and F&B at the Vatel Hotel & Spa**** in Nimes
  • As the Reservations Agent at the Marivaux Hotel in Brussels
  • As the Captain at the Hakan Turkish Grill in Miami Beach, Florida.

During this last internship, I found out how much I really loved the USA. So I started applying for jobs throughout the country, and was especially interested by an offer based in Washington, D.C. as the Front Office Manager at the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel. A dream to become fluent in a third language and to live my very own “American Dream”. I’m still in Washington D.C. and still at the Capital Hill Hotel. But in February, 2013 I was promoted as the hotel’s C.F.O. with the following missions:

  • Guaranteeing the accuracy of the hotel’s book-keeping accounts,
  • Drawing up financial and accounting documents in compliance with the legislation,
  • Defining our corporate financing plans and
  • Validating cash resources budgets for external funding.


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23 Febrero 2018 Pruebas de admisión
23 Febrero 2018 Pruebas de admisión

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