Vatel Madrid Hospitality School is located in the Institut Français de Madrid, near the Plaza Colon, in the city’s cultural center, and opens into the “Discovery Gardens.”

  • Degrees offered:
    Bachelor Vatel - International Hotel Management (State level II degree)
    MBA Vatel - International Hotel Management (State level I degree)

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Since 2009, the International School of Tourism and Hospitality, Vatel Spain, has been a valid, qualified and safe option for all students who want to be outstanding professionals in the world of hospitality.

A tourism market so entrenched like Spain needed an academic entity as Vatel Group, already present in 19 countries, and that combines excellence in its curriculum with internships in the best hotels in the world and with a series of values that revolve around the idea of “savoir-faire, savoir-être”.

The International School of Tourism and Hospitality Vatel Madrid is a world-renowned institution that prepares students in the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake with responsibility a management position in hospitality establishments.

The academic plan of Vatel is very original and offers two official degrees that will welcome you with the opportunity to be directly incorporated into the professional world:

• Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management
• MBA in Tourism Management - Hospitality Speciality

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The International School of Tourism and Hospitality Vatel Madrid is a prestigious school that can cover the training needs in the hospitality industry, offering students specialised training and providing an overview of all areas of the sector. Our teaching methodology is the right mix and balance between practical training and university education, fully adapted to the new demands and current requirements of the sector.
Due to the expectations of the hospitality and tourism sector, Vatel Spain offers its students a theoretical university training and practice fully adapted to the new demands and requirements of the sector. Training, successful combination of theory and practice, allows participants to better cope with their incorporation into the labour market and quickly achieve their professional goals upon completion of studies.


Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities are aimed at promoting comprehensive training especially in matters relating to the expansion of cultural horizons of students, preparing them for integration into society and the use of leisure time activities. Some of the extracurricular activities promoted by Vatel MADRID:
• Wine and olive oil tasting
• Visits to wineries
• Visits to museums of general interest
• Seminars or industry conferences
• etc.


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Virtual Library • Vatel Intranet • Assistance in finding housing • Assistance in finding internships and jobs • SSD - Student Services Dpt

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Simona Proca
Calle Marqués de la Ensenada nº 12 y Calle Doctor Zamenhof nº 22, Madrid
Madrid - ES

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+34 91 310 11 12

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